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Why healthcare professionals choose Huckleberry

Whether you plan to open an urgent care in the Inland Empire or enter private practice in the Bay Area, choosing proper business insurance is essential to the health of your career. Most doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals are aware of the need for reliable malpractice insurance, but you may not know that you are also legally required to purchase workers compensation to protect your employees from workplace accidents.

While we can’t make accidents less painful, Huckleberry can take some of the pain out of getting insurance in the first place. With Huckleberry, you can get the coverage you need in as little as seven minutes. And because we’re 100% online, we offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.


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No need to fill out long forms or spend hours on the phone. 95% of Huckleberry customers are done in five minutes.


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Most businesses receive a quote right away. If your case needs extra review, it usually takes less than one business day.


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We’re 100% paperless. Pay, sign electronically, and you’re insured. Wasn't that easy?

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Be kind to your cash flow with Pay As You Go

Payment automatically adjusts to your payroll every month

  • No credit card or installment fees
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  • No down payment (just pay the first premium)

Our speed is powered by data

Huckleberry uses data science and artificial intelligence to complete your application for you. Our proprietary software crawls the web, pulling the information we need to give you a quote from websites and online databases.

No need to spend hours doing paperwork. Just confirm the info, enter a few more details, and get a quote.


Backed by giants

Insurance is underwritten by our partner, Markel Corporation. And you’ll always have a friendly, licensed Huckleberry agent available to help.

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